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Thursday, June 23, 2011

For my mom

Today is the day my mom was born....if she was still here with us she would be 62 years old....I sit and wonder what she would look like at 62....what color would her hair be....would she have wrinkles...or if that Oil of Olay she always used really did do the trick. I wonder if her voice would sound different with age....or would it still be the same. I wonder how she'd feel knowing that her oldest grandson is in Iraq and her middle one graduated college and has a good job...and her youngest whom she only got to see for a few months before she she'd feel knowing he has turned out to be super smart. I know she would be proud of all of them but I cant help but wonder sometimes what she would say to them...or even to me while I feel like Im falling apart over things like my boys growing up and leaving home.....and feeling like they dont need me anymore....what kind of words of wisdom would she have for me.....My mom left us when she was only 49 years old....and to this day I still miss her with all of my heart.....I hope that she is able to look down on us and watch us as we grow and change each passing year....and see that even thou she isnt here with us physically she has never truly left us....I love you mom and I wish you a very

Monday, June 20, 2011

Music 4 Monday

This song is so cant help but DANCE

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Thats right this week-end Im off to Kansas to watch one of my favorite sports.....NASCAR!!!! And yes for those of you that think its not a sport is a sport...a "sport" is an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature. NASCAR is certainly of a competitive nature, NASCAR requires perfect car control. (That is a skill) NASCAR requires physical prowess because of the following: It is endurance, as sitting in that car is over 120 degrees while controlling it.
So now that we got that all cleared up.....Im headed that way this week-end....I can hardly wait. I've only been to one race so far that was in Texas. So it will be exciting getting to experience a different track and this year we purchased track passes so we can be right down there before the race in the middle of everything....and you know for a fact Im going to be keeping a keen eye out for my two favorite racers.

Ryan Newman ~ Tony Stewart

Of course Im so shy that IF I happen to see them Id just stand there and stare...which of course will make me look like a total stalker...which is embarrassing......but I think thats better then opening up my mouth and saying something stupid like "hi" or "Im your biggest fan" or worse yet...."wow your hott" SO if you happen to be a NASCAR fan and you will be watching the race...look for me...I will be the one looking like a stalker...staring at Tony and Ryan. hehe