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Monday, November 14, 2011

My Soldier is back!!!

I got the call last night that he is back on USA soil......and this coming Saturday I get to go pick him up!!!

A year ago I was getting ready to tell him he was leaving for his year long deployment...part of Operation New Dawn....his job was to conduct stability operations, focusing on advising, assisting and training Iraqi Security Forces....a year ago I had no idea how on earth I was ever going to survive this....Im a mom of three boys and I have the most amazing relationship with all three of them...I truly and I mean truly am blessed.....God gave me the best gifts ever when he gave me my boys.

My son Kody is the one on the left with a couple of his army will be so nice actually getting to see him face to face and not waiting to steal someones picture off of facebook because it has a picture of my son in it. (yes I did that and if it was wrong of me..Im sorry...ok Im not that sorry it was part of my survival)

And though seeing him in his uniform makes me very proud...I will enjoy seeing him like this again even more...he's 1/3 of my heart and soul....and just knowing that he survived this last year gives me one more thing to be thankful for this year. He will take some time here at home with mom and his yougest brother Devin and then he will head back to college, he did extra work before deployment last year to finish his junior year of college while getting ready for his deployment....yes thats the kind of man I have raised!!! Fall of next year he will be heading back to college to finish his Major in Exercise Science...and trust me after this last year having him move 50 miles away to go back to school will be a piece of cake!!!

Yes Im looking forward to having my boys together again.....making me laugh, making me cry, and making me love them more and more every day...they truly are my reason for living and though I have taught them alot....they have taught me so much more...and I would be lost without them....I love you Kody, Dakota, and Devin....more then you can possibly know.


~Tom~ said...

This makes me so very happy for you! Welcome home Kody and Thank you for serving our country!

Momza said...

Dena, I am sooooo stinkin' happy for you and grateful that you will have your son in your arms again. I bet you'll sleep so much better each night knowing your boy is out of harms' way. Welcome Home Kody!

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Dena, How wonderful to have him home again with you. I am thrilled for you and I love these photos. Enjoy each and every moment with your boys.