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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tomorrow I once again say goodbye

Tomorrow morning I will once again saying goodbye to my 23 yr old son and Soldier as he returns back to Iraq ….these last two weeks have been so good for my heart…getting to see him again…and hug him again….it was just what my ole heart needed. When your child is so far away 7 months can feel like forever!!! He only has a few months left and he will be home again….so I ask for your prayers once again. To keep him safe while hes flying back to Iraq and for the few months that remain in his deployment….all I want is for him to come back safe and sound and get started with life again!

And if its possible say a little pray for mom…to keep it together just a little bit longer….as Im already having a hard time with it….I have tears flowing so much I can barely see the screen as I type.

Thank so much to all of you that keep in touch with me and try to make times like this not so hard…you guys are truly the best!

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Janna Bee said...

My thoughts are with your family.