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Monday, July 4, 2011

Please Remember.....

The fourth of July is a day that we celebrate the independence of our country, the United States of America. People celebrate with family and friend gatherings, barbecues, parties, games, food, fun, festivals, parades, musical events and fireworks……..but please remember those that have served and those that are serving right now that are not home to celebrate with their families.

As you all know my oldest son is over in Iraq right now and will not be here to celebrate the independence of our country….he will be hearing explosions just not the same kind….the thought of this makes me heart ache….and a part of me almost feels guilty celebrating with the rest of the family when he is there going thru what he is going thru simply so we can do things like this. And that is why I ask that you take a moment in your day and remember those that have given us this right.

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Joanie said...

I think of your son every tie I see your blog name. My nephew is back and forth from Afghanistans (he's in the Army). My brother-in -law (and his dad) has a civilian job in Afghanistan. He is also back and forth (2 months here, 2 months there) My brother just got a job in Saudi Arabia and will leave within the month. My prayer list is getting longer and longer!