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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Today is the day

I said good bye to my oldest son....hes been on deployment for a couple months now but he was still in the USA for that time but today that ended....he will now be spending the next 10 months or more overseas. Ive tried to pretend I will be alright...everyone around me tells me "you will be fine"...but I dont feel fine...I feel lost...sad...scared....yes Im very proud of my son....but I miss him like crazy already. The days and nights are going to feel so long for me waiting for the phone to ring so I can hear his voice and know he is alright...knowing that the calls could be days...or even weeks apart. Im a mom of three boys and they truly are my heart and soul....this is by far one of the hardest things for me.....I cant even find the words to express what I feel inside, other than my heart hurts. I want my son home......and the next 10-11 months is going to be the longest time of my life.


~Tom~ said...

You know my prayers are with him and with you. I am here anytime you need me. The people that tell you that you will be fine are just trying to comfort you. I know better than to think that you will be fine. I know you will not be. However, I know you will survive! You have overcome many things in life. This just happens to be the hardest. Hugz kiddo.

PS-I am extremely proud of him too!

Joanie said...

I'll be praying for your son's safe return to the US.

Stumbling, Falling, Dreaming & Flying said...

I hope your son is doing okay out there x