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Monday, October 11, 2010

I wish that I could....

Get a good nights rest. I have not slept through the night since the day my oldest was told he was going to Iraq. Every single night I toss and turn, every single night I wake up with feelings of anxiety, every single night I wish Id wake up to find that its all been a bad dream, and life is all peachy and wonderful....YEAH RIGHT!!! I cant remember the last time life was peachy and wonderful. As you know from my last post , I not only have this going on with my son, but I also have family living with me and its really a struggle, it puts alot of stress on me, and my loved ones. We now have extra mouths to feed, and extra electricity and water usage to pay for, we now have no quiet alone time, and we now feel like we have to leave our own home every chance we get just to get some peace of mind. Its truly not been a good experience. Its funny how you think you know someone...UNTIL YOU LIVE WITH THEM!!!! Suddenly everything you thought they were turns out to be the exact opposite. At any rate Im still alive..still kickin...and still looking forward to the time when I get my home back..and I finally get a good nights rest!!!


Joanie M said...

Wow! So much stress!

Thanks your son for his service! John's son did 3 tours in Iraq, one in Haiti and he just got back from Afghanistan. Ah, the life of a career soldier! I'll pray your son stays safe and gets home soon.

Matty said...

So sorry to hear he's heading out. I can't imagine.

Time marches on though. Before you know it, he will be back home, and your home will be yours again.