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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Morals..where did they go??? defines morals as:

n : motivation based on ideas of right and wrong

I cant help but ask where are everyone's morals almost every night when the news comes on and I hear about yet another person getting caught having an affair, another person getting in a car after drinking and driving and killing others, another child gone missing, another person being beaten to death or raped and people standing around watching!!! What is going on here???? What ever happened to "treat others as you would want to be treated" And why as a society do so many thrive on these things? I mean we take someone like David Letterman,he cheats on his longtime girlfriend/wife/mother of his child with SEVERAL women, and the media pitys HIM? The only thing he can possibly be sorry for is getting caught. Sure nobody deserves to be at the center of an extortionist plot, but a woman who has been with a man for 20 years doesn’t deserve to be cheated on either. And how can a 15 year girl be at a homecoming dance and get raped and beaten by 10 guys while 20 other guys stand around and watch and no body does anything??? Where are these peoples morals??? What is happening to everyone?? I tell you it scares me to think that these are the kind of people around us. The morals or lack of, that are displayed in some of these cases make me cringe. I know that some of you will say thats why I dont watch the news, but not watching it does not make it go away. Its still happening and way too often!!! Last night while watching the news I heard them blaming the fact that sweet cereals are placed lower for kids to see and want, and candy is always placed by registers to attract kids and that there are games you can play on the internet that is directed towards kids and it has to do with sweets they eat. These things were being blamed on why kids are obese these days. I just thought to myself are you serious?? As a parent if you feel your child is obese then its up to YOU to do something about it, don't buy those foods, make them do some physical activities, but dont blame the fact the sweet cereal is down low on why your child is fat. This lead me to my next thought and I know some of you will not agree and that's ok. But again I blame some of the violence and the sexual abuse that's happening now a days on the crap that is put on tv, and in movies and in video games. Now I don't believe that these things will make a normal person go crazy and go out and do something horrible, but I do feel that having so much violence and sexual content available plays a part in making those that DO these kind of crimes feel its ok, or in some ways its justified, because of the things that's put out there in the media, and for entertainment purposes. In my opinion something needs to be done about this. Its time we start letting known sex offenders out of jail to walk around and be free to do it again when statistics show they are likely to be repeat offenders. Its time to start protecting each other and not just stand around and get some kind of sick satisfaction out of watching another person being raped or beaten to death. There is so much talk about CHANGE....these are things that NEED TO CHANGE....or its not going to be disease, or old age that kills us off..its going to be us as a society that does it!!
I know that America had to move forward and leave behind some of our flawed ways of thinking but in our quest for liberation, are we going too far the other way?

Am I the only one who feels this way?


Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Whoa!!! Way to go with this it! There are very few morals in today's society and I agree with you on every point. The why part is the most difficult to pinpoint as it is a plethora of events that have led us to this point...and I fear going further down the drain in the future. I may be old fashioned, but I think morals are taught in the home. It is a parents responsibility to teach their children the correct morals. Unfortunately, in today's world, most families have two parents working and the kids are left to their own devices. The TV has become the babysitter and it is the norm to see sex, violence, and a whole stream of immoral behavior that the child thinks is acceptable. Who is there to tell them otherwise? Our media is into "shock & awe" for ratings and morals be damned!

Good post, Dena!!

Matty said...

I could write an answer longer than your post.

Immorality and blindness to human suffering have been around since the beginning of time. TV, radio, newspapers, and now the internet, simply bring it to the forefront for all to see. Morality, empathy, kindness, etc, starts at home, at an early age. Take each person who commits these crimes, or watches, and then take a close look at their parents, their home life, their upbrining, and more liley than not you'll find the answer.

It all begins at home.


No you are not the only one who feels this way! I agree with everything in this post. When are people gonna wake up and DECIDE to do the right thing. I also think that today many people play the part victim; Come on nobody made you do it be accountable for your own actions.

~Tom~ said...

Considering you know my current situation, you also know I agree with you on this one. Love the pic you used. It has been the background image on my work computer for the past 6 months

My Aimless Infatuation said...

Dena,You have read my heart,thanks for putting it in to words.

Rachel Sue said...


♥georgie♥ said...

I couldn't agree with you more Dena! What a great reminds me of things I read in the left behind series of books which i know were purely fiction BUT when you think about it, it wasn't

I remember being a little girl and my papa telling me one day they wont need cashiers in stores because machines will check you out...I remember being in awe of the mere thought

Our Society...Great Post!

glitterbygrammie said...

I am late reading my blogs today Sorry. I sooo agree with you. The parent of today expect everyone else to raise their kids while they are out making that all mighty dollar. We need more STUFF in our homes.
I sit and watch the news in horror.They are saying now that yelling is a form of child abuse. You know I guess we should just give everyhting up to the kids and just work for them because they will have no morals and will beat their parents to make sure they get what they want. But will that be abuse??????
We just had a case where two grandsons beat their grandmother while she was in the shower because she told them they needed to move out.So they get a couple of years in jail so what. What will happen when they get out? They don't respect anything or anyone.
We need to teach our children that to respect is divine. That we do not owe them for bringing them into the world. We owe them food and a roof over their head and to teach them values. But we do not owe them gaming systems,ipods, and all the latest gadgets out there. I told mine if you want that stuff GET a JOB.
Boy I could go on and on. Thanks for opening that door. I feel a little better after venting.

RileyScott said...

I agree with you Dena, as I always have on this fact. It is sad that these kinds of things occur these days. Not that I think they didn't occur in previous years, but they seem more prevalent today. I've honestly given up on the news, as it just depresses me. The main cause behind it that I can see are bad parents. People have to work more because CEO pay, oil prices, and home prices grew leaps and bounds over the last 20 years, but the minimum wage went up only 3 dollars. Kids are being raised so much different today then I was. everyone has to be "politically correct".

basically parents need to put in the effort, and the vast majority of the last generation of them didn't. Our current society is the result.

Cozyflier said...

Dena, agree 100%

Parents aren't parenting anymore, they are being friends!

Babies need to stop having babies!